Newport International Film Festival, RIP

The Newport International Film Festival in Newport, Rhode Island is dead as of December 29, 2009, when its certificate of incorporation was allowed to expire. Many vendors and contractors (including myself) were left unpaid for their services to the festival. The organization did not declare bankruptcy and failed to file for dissolution. It did not file its 2009 form 990 with the IRS.

The following individuals were listed in the 2009 program book staff listing as being on the board of directors for the organization:

Alan Weiss, Ph.D., Chairman
Mary Pat Ryan, Vice Chair
Mitchell V. Massey, Treasurer
Kathy Staab, Secretary
Richard L. Bready
Bartlett Dunbar
Diana Gonzalez
Brendan P. Kelley
Stuart Lazar, Esq.
Annette Leiderman Raisky
Joan Martin

The executive director was Jennifer Maizel.

Scott Norwood
January, 2011